Elvis_ProfileXiangkun (Elvis) Cao is currently a Ph.D. student majoring in Micro & Nanoscale Engineering, minoring in Energy & Sustainability, Infection & Immunity and Entrepreneurship. He works in Professor David Erickson’s Lab at the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. His research at Cornell focuses on two concentrations: (1) HI-Light (thesis project), a solar thermal chemical reactor technology for converting CO2 to fuels; (2) FeverPhone (side project), a smartphone based molecular diagnostics platform for differential diagnosis of six common causes of acute febrile illness.

Before joining Cornell, Elvis received his Master’s degree from McGill (2014-2016) with joint training by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2015-2016). Elvis has recently published work in Fuel, Int. J. Hydrog. Energy, Fuel Process. Technol., ISIJ Int., and Metall Mater Trans B, and is an active reviewer for several journals including Energy Convers. Manag, Int. J. Hydrog. Energy, Metall Mater Trans B, etc.

Elvis is selected as a member of the Forbes 30 Under 30 – 2019 Class in the Energy sector, as well as a 2018-2019 Local Pathways Fellow (LPS) by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth Initiative (SDSN Youth). Elvis is also participating in a team that has won the $20K International Grand Prize in 2017 “Create the Future” Design Contest. The industrial partner in the HI-Light effort, Dimensional Energy, has advanced into the final round (10 teams in the world) for the $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE.

MIT Period: Elvis was a visiting graduate student invited by the late  Professor Mujid Kazimi (Member of the National Academy of Engineering, USA) to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2015-2016 and worked in Mesoscale Nuclear Materials Laboratory under the supervision of Professor Michael Short and Professor Matteo Bucci at Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering, on the project of Multilayer Composite Fuel Cladding & Oxidation Experiments.

Canada & China Period: Elvis received his Master’s degree in Materials Engineering at McGill University in 2016, under the supervision of Professor Roderick Guthrie (Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and the Canadian Academy of Engineering) & Dr. Mihaiela Isac, on the project of Aqueous Particle Sensor (APS) for Micro-bubble Detection. He received his BEng & BA dual degree in Energy & Power Engineering and English Language & Literature from the ‘Tsien Hsue-Shen’ Elite Class of Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2013, and worked under the supervision of Professor Yaling He (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Professor Bofeng Bai.

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Curriculum Vitae (updated March 2019).